It started in March 2008 when I did leadership training in Uganda. I kept asking myself the question: “Why can some people handle severe challenges and come out strong whilst others with few challenges just give up and become dependent economically on the families and government?”

Then out of the blue I heard the word: “MINDSET” in my mind. As I contemplated this one word and its potential impact on people’s lives, I was led to research the history of the Israelites, who were slave for over 400 years in Egypt and all they knew was how to survive under extremely difficult circumstances by not having much expectations and accepting their lot as slaves. Then God raised up Moses who led them out of slavery and over the next 40 years, God downloaded a new kingdom philosophy through Moses with a vision of how they were destined to become a Prosperous Nation! This philosophy was so radically different from what they were programmed to believe as slaves in Egypt that the elderly people rejected it and eventually died with that mindset (“we are slaves”) in the desert. Fortunately, the new generation of Israelites adopted that new mindset and under the leadership of Joshua, conquered the Promised Land and started to transform into a society that became so strong and prosperous 200 years later under the reign of king Solomon that the historians note that wealth was so abundant in Jerusalem that silver was regarded as worthless stones!

I then researched the lives of Generational Families in the current era eg. Oppenheimer, Rupert and Maponya and was amazed how, in all cases, the Founding Parent(s) had to overcome severe odds to not only lead their families out of poverty and into wealth but how they’ve implemented systems, structures, networks and instilled in their children a certain ethos and values that enabled these families to grow stronger and have bigger economical impact with each successive generation! Although the populist politicians and media loves to hate and bad mouth these families, it struck me how much these families have contributed to society and how their family businesses are employing hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life and all religious, educational and cultural backgrounds. These families are truly the backbone of the economy in any country and if we want to have a better future for our children, we need to develop more of these generational families!

What if we could find out how they did it and develop a “Generic Template” that could be followed by any person who wish to become the Founding Parent of his Family Legacy?

That’s what we did! From 2008 until 2011 we developed the Generic Template which is now called the GIG Movement. In 2011, under the leadership of Jason Riley, we started the process to become a Community Bank and in 2015 we receive our national licence as a registered Cooperative Financial Institution (CFI) registered with the Reserve Bank – see This became the first entity in South Africa that gave its members interest free loans!

In 2016, under the leadership of Gavin Julyan we established the professional GIG Institute – see This Institute focusses on the ongoing Financial Literacy Training of its members (Families and Entities that have started their Generational Wealth Building Journey.

In 2017, under the leadership of Trevor Nel, the Community Chamber of Commerce (CCC) was started – see It became the first Chamber of its kind involving the whole community in all its diverse challenges. When the Covid-19 lockdown started in March 2020, it evolved into a serious national and international Chamber which offers its members a Virtual Trade Fair and a Virtual Mall spanning over country borders! See and

With the growing memberships of GIG and the CCC, the need for a unique Insurance Company that could provide in the need for basic financial services and products as well as create and manage sophisticated Investment Funds with a Generational Perspective grew. GIG Wealth received its category 2 licence in December 2018 under the leadership of Riaan van der Vyver. Since then, the various entities have worked in synergy to create a new economic dispensation where like-minded families and entities can collaborate on resources and ideas and create a sustainable growing new economy for their children’s children.