Meet the GIG Wealth Team


Jasper Cloete

BSc Hons Chemistry, MBA. Founder of GIG (Generational Inheritance Group), the GIG CFI (Cooperative Financial Institution – community bank) and co-founder of the Community Chamber of Commerce. Author of the book Legacy – 4 Steps to Success and Significance in Life and Business

Strategic Stakeholders

Jasper Cloete

Director and Key Individual

Jason Riley

CEO of GIG Trust and Co-founder GIG - Banking Specialist

Gavin Julyan

CEO GIG Institute, Trustee of GIG Trust and CCC - Business and Digital Solutions Specialist

Muzi Kubeka

Co-founder GIG, Trustee of GIG Trust and CCC - Qualified Financial Advisor - Financial Structuring and Customized Financial Funding Products

dr Eben Nel

Trustee of GIG Trust, Specialist - Business Trust and Fiduciary Matters