Providing A Customised Solution to the Needs of the Family or Business On Their Generational Wealth Building Journey From Struggle to Significance!

Key Individual & Director

Jasper Cloete

What Makes Us Different?

  • We developed the First Generic Template Whereby ANY Family or Business can Re-Position Themselves to Become The Next Generational Family
  • We provide Customised Financial Solutions to ANY Family or Business on their Journey to Build Generational Wealth
  • We help Communities (>200) to start their Own Community Bank through incubation with a Registered CFI (Cooperative Financial Institution)
  • We Provide the Most Cost Effective Solutions to Any Organisation or Business that needs to design Special Financial Products or Services to Their Communities. We achieve this through our Vertical Integration with our Strategic Partners – GIG CFI, GIG Institute, CCC (Community Chamber of Commerce) and our Own Licence whereby we can Design and Launch new Funds and Investments

Range of Products & Services

We’re committed to providing the highest-quality coverage at the most competitive rates.

Concept of a Wealth Seed

Where a Client has a current Required Expense eg. Medical Insurance (often referred to as a “grudge payment”) and where the Client manages to save money by replacing that Product or Service with a Better Value for Money product or Service and uses this Saving as Input to Increase his Investment.

GIG Wealth specializes in helping Families and Businesses to Identify Areas of Saving and turn it into Wealth Seeds

Life Cover

Business Insurance

Health Insurance

Employee Wellness Programs

Education Insurance

Short Term Insurance

Household, Commercial, Assets Other


Conventional, Customised, International

Pension Schemes & Retirement Benefits

Strategy to Build Generational Wealth

Regardless of where the Individual Family (Struggle to Significance) or the Business (Start-up to Significance) is on its Generational Wealth Building Journey, the concept of Structuring Your Wealth Portfolio as per the Outline Above Applies.

Why selecting us is your best Option ?

National Footprint

Unique Strategic Partners

GIG Institute, GIG CFI, Community Chamber of Commerce

Category 2 FSP Licence

This allows us to help YOU Structure Your Own Registered Investment Fund

Years of Combined Experience